Night Rider Herbal Smoke Blend | Nicotine-Free | 100% Natural | 20g Pack


A Serene Expedition of Tranquility!

Elinor Organics Night Rider herbal smoke blend, invites you to embrace the thrill of life’s roller coaster journey with pride. Just as we ride with passion and joy, we also appreciate the desire to find moments of respite. Night Rider herbal smoke blend is the perfect choice for those who believe in the freedom of the open road. This handcrafted blend, created amidst the majestic Himalayan mountains, combines the finest quality ingredients. It features mullein, lavender, mint and marigold carefully selected to offer a unique sensory experience. Night Rider herbal smoke blend is a testament to their commitment to providing moments of relaxation and rejuvenation along your journey. It invites you to savor the freedom of the open road, embracing the darkness and finding comfort in its cozy embrace. So, as you embark on the roller coaster ride of life, allow yourself to enjoy every moment and when you seek respite, trust in the soothing qualities of Night Rider herbal smoke blend by Elinor Organics. Let it accompany you on your journey, providing a space for reflection, rejuvenation and a renewed sense of energy to face whatever lies ahead. Night Rider herbal smoke blend is designed precisely for those moments of calm and reflection, allowing you to recharge before continuing your expedition.

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Unlock the secrets of our meticulously crafted herbal smoke blend, featuring only the finest ingredients. Let’s dive into the essence of each component:

Mullein: Experience its soothing touch and discover why it has been cherished for its respiratory support and calming effects when smoked.

Lavender: Immerse yourself in its renowned calming and relaxing properties, creating a tranquil oasis for your mind and promoting inner peace.

Mint: Feel the invigorating breeze as mint leaves bring a refreshing twist to the blend, providing a cool sensation and aiding digestion.

Marigold: Let the subtle sweetness of marigold flowers uplift your senses, promoting a positive mood and adding a touch of floral elegance.

Together, these handpicked ingredients harmonize in Night Rider herbal smoke blend, weaving a tapestry of sensory delights. Indulge in moments of relaxation, nurture your well-being and embark on a pleasurable smoking experience like no other.

Experience Night Rider where every puff becomes a sensory journey to blissful rejuvenation!


Main Ingredients






  • All-natural herbal blend
  • 100% Organic
  • No Chemicals
  • No Nicotine
  • No Additives
  • No Addiction

Important Notice:

This product is intended for recreational use only and is not intended to treat any health conditions. For a customized experience, the blend can be combined with your personal herb of choice. The blend can be enjoyed through various methods including using a pipe, bong, vaporizer or hand roll. To maximize your enjoyment, we recommend using the pinching method to mix your personal herb with the Elinor Organics herbal smoking blends, creating a personalized and optimal smoking experience. Remember to stay hydrated by sipping chilled water or juice with every puff. Smoking techniques involve the fire element which generates heat. To maintain oral health, it’s advisable to drink water while smoking. It is important to be mindful of your consumption. Limit yourself to a maximum of two rolls per day and not more than two cups of herbal tea.

It is crucial to be aware that any type or kind of smoking is always harmful to one’s health.

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Night Rider Herbal Smoke Blend | Nicotine-Free | 100% Natural | 20g Pack