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  • 399.00

    Unveil the Mysteries of Your Inner Cosmos!

    Experience the enchantment of Elinor Organics Cosmos, an extraordinary herbal smoke blend carefully crafted amidst the majestic abode of the mighty Himalayas. In the upper reaches of this awe-inspiring region, esteemed rishis, traditional healers and practitioners have long harnessed the power of nature to nurture their families and communities. Drawing upon years of collaboration with nomadic tribes, Elinor Organics has mastered the art of drying herbs to perfection, unveiling the full potential of their healing properties. Embrace the call of exploration and introspection as Elinor Organics invites you on a transformative journey with Cosmos. Like gazing at the expansive night sky, yearning to venture among the stars, this blend offers a glimpse into the profound depths of your inner cosmos. With every inhalation, let the aromatic smoke whisk you away to a realm of clarity and illumination. Unravel the secrets of the universe within yourself and witness the hidden wonders unfold, guided by the mystique of Elinor Organics Cosmos.

  • gaucho smoking blend

    Embrace the Moment, Discover the Connection!

    Elinor Organics Gaucho herbal smoke blend, is a tribute to the mountain cowboys of the mighty Himalayas, derived from the abode of these majestic peaks. Gaucho captures the essence of their spirit and represents a perfect combination of nutmeg, mint, mugwort, rhododendron, chamomile and rose. These carefully selected ingredients are expertly blended using the ancient art of herbal blending. Gaucho offers a distinctive smoking experience, characterized by its nutty and medium-bodied profile, accompanied by the soothing and aromatic notes of rose. Each inhalation brings a sense of calm and relaxation to the senses, allowing you to embrace the moment and unwind. With Gaucho, Elinor Organics invites you to embark on a sensory journey that not only offers a delightful smoking experience but also carries the essence of a timeless tradition passed down through generations. It is a testament to the interconnectedness of humanity, nature and the wisdom of our ancestors.

  • 399.00

    A Serene Expedition of Tranquility!

    Elinor Organics Night Rider herbal smoke blend, invites you to embrace the thrill of life’s roller coaster journey with pride. Just as we ride with passion and joy, we also appreciate the desire to find moments of respite. Night Rider herbal smoke blend is the perfect choice for those who believe in the freedom of the open road. This handcrafted blend, created amidst the majestic Himalayan mountains, combines the finest quality ingredients. It features mullein, lavender, mint and marigold carefully selected to offer a unique sensory experience. Night Rider herbal smoke blend is a testament to their commitment to providing moments of relaxation and rejuvenation along your journey. It invites you to savor the freedom of the open road, embracing the darkness and finding comfort in its cozy embrace. So, as you embark on the roller coaster ride of life, allow yourself to enjoy every moment and when you seek respite, trust in the soothing qualities of Night Rider herbal smoke blend by Elinor Organics. Let it accompany you on your journey, providing a space for reflection, rejuvenation and a renewed sense of energy to face whatever lies ahead. Night Rider herbal smoke blend is designed precisely for those moments of calm and reflection, allowing you to recharge before continuing your expedition.

  • 399.00

    A Sensory Adventure Awaits!

    Embark on a transformative journey with “Nomad of the Mountains” herbal smoke blend, where the boundaries of the physical realm dissolve. It is an invitation to reconnect with nature, finding solace in its breathtaking beauty and nurturing your soul. Release the burdens that burden your spirit and surrender to the tranquility and serenity of the mountains. Prepare yourself for this extraordinary adventure that lies ahead. Set aside the demands of daily life, carve out a peaceful sanctuary, and allow “Nomad of the Mountains” to be your guiding light towards relaxation, discovery and rejuvenation. Let the blend become your trusted companion as you venture into the vast landscapes of your inner world, embracing the profound power of this unique experience. It’s time to let go, immerse yourself in the essence of the mountains, and allow the blend to ignite a sense of wonder and transformation within you.

  • 399.00

    Unleash Your Senses with an Aromatic Journey!

    Elinor Organics Trippy Notes delves into the uncharted realms of the Traditional Ancient System of Bharatiya Medicine, introducing the world to the hidden wisdom of this traditional healing practice. By incorporating the knowledge and techniques passed down by our ancestors, this blend offers a glimpse into the mystical and profound teachings of the ancient nomadic tribes. The creation of Elinor Organics Trippy Notes is a testament to the art of blending mastered by our nomadic tribes of the mighty Himalayas. Through their expertise and dedication, they have crafted a product that embodies the beauty and wisdom of our culture and heritage. By indulging in this blend, one can embark on a journey that connects them to the ancestral wisdom of the Himalayan nomads and allows them to tap into the realms of the subconscious mind. Whether you seek deep relaxation, a heightened dream experience or a connection to ancient wisdom.