About Us

Our Family:
Nurturing Our Himalayan Heritage
Our humble abode is nestled within Uttarakhand, in the almighty Himalayas. Surrounded by majestic peaks, we are immersed in the ethereal beauty and spiritual energy of the region. Our work and focus is on holistic well-being and we embark on a journey to discover the natural treasures while preserving and regenerating our mystical land. Working hand-in-hand with our local tribal communities, we cultivate and source organic wonders with therapeutic properties, showcasing our commitment to purity and authenticity. Join us in honoring, protecting and celebrating the timeless wisdom and majestic beauty of the Himalayas, leaving footprints of harmony and respect for future generations.
Embodying Our Core Values:
At the heart of our collaborative vision is a commitment to diversity, inclusion and healing. We believe in conscious consumption and provide a trusted space for discerning buyers to discover unique products crafted with care. Drawing inspiration from Mother Nature, we curate natural products that embody her purity and vitality. We carefully select organic ingredients and adopt sustainable practices, honoring the delicate balance of our planet. Each thoughtfully crafted product is designed to awaken your senses and nourish your body and spirit. With a focus on well-being and our shared responsibility to the Earth, we invite you to explore our range and make a positive impact on your life and the world. Welcome to Elinor Organics where conscious consumption shapes a sustainable and harmonious future for all.



Our Craftsmanship: 

Embracing Our Cultural Heritage with Pride

At Elinor Organics, we take great pride in our specially curated range of tinctures, herbal teas and smoking blends. These products represent our unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating our vibrant cultural heritage. Inspired by ancient wisdom passed down through generations, we blend ingredients and employ time-honored techniques. In each taste, aroma and property, we honor the legacy of our traditions and the wisdom of our ancestors. Our offerings reflect the transformative power of this heritage positively impacting lives. As we indulge in these creations, we invite you to embrace our cultural heritage with pride and join us in safeguarding it for future generations. Welcome to Elinor Organics where each product is an invitation to experience the abundance and wisdom of our rich culture and tradition.