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As we strive to live longer and healthier lives, Elinor Organics under the guidance of VLD Food Products Private Limited, situated in India and residing at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas Uttarakhand. A small hamlet with biodiversity rich flora and fauna, is on a mission not only to prolong your lifespan but also to increase the number of years, you’ll live free of debilitating disease while equally sustaining the ecological balance focusing on preserving and regenerating the lost biodiversity.

We focus more on changing the lifestyle without making any change in your day to day routine or lifestyle patterns. Elinor Organics handcrafted and sustainably created products and the research we do has its roots deep into the Ayurveda and its core principles followed by the traditional ancient system of Bharatiya medicine. Ayurveda is not a medicine but a process of inner transformation of well-being without changing the biological cycle or lifestyle.

Elinor Organics products is a holistic approach and the science that treats the body as a whole, rather than just individual symptoms.

When you treat someone or manage and preserve the wellness of the healthy, you don’t try to just treat the symptoms but cure the body as a whole. In every product of ours, we promise to increase vitality and bring back the balance of (Chitta) & (Prana) energies. That’s what Ayurveda is all about preserving the wellness of the healthy.

Come to Ayurveda, the mother of all medical wisdom and one the oldest. The roots of Ayurveda and its science go deep into the abode of mighty Himalayas where it is still Practiced, Protected and Preserved in the form of medicinal mushroom, high potent medicinal plants like the Astavargha, blended with certain flowers, plants and other functional fungi to fight and treat serious health illness. The main aim and focus of this ancient food is to protect wellness and make life more joyful in terms of health and emotional stability by working parallel with nature and to keep our system, mind and energy in balance. Remember to make ayurvedic system of medicine to work very effectively and efficiently which are results oriented, please follow the process which includes all forms of treatments, yoga, meditation and many other simple practices and can be done by anyone who has a long term illness but always consult your Doctor before starting any supplement whatsoever. Whatever physical activities we do all day, have a direct effect on our overall wellness both physically and mentally. Anything you do with a positive attitude, whether a walk, jog, waking up early in the morning, drinking water in a copper vessel or having a deep breath of fire art, everything is “Ayurveda”.

Ayurveda is a science, a process which is misunderstood by many. If you wish to cure yourself with a very peaceful, joyful, clear vision of life with no more fogging of brain or laziness in the body just introduce Elinor Organics Slay All Day, a dietary supplement in your daily lifestyle and in just three months you will see a New You.

Our journey to find the nature based solutions in the form of mushrooms and herbs which are reliable and have its core values deep in the roots of our traditional ancient system of Bharatiya medicine with the profound process of Ayurveda. We have observed and realized from our birth till death there is an engrained doctor inside our body which according to the evolutionary biology known as the Immune Doctor, whenever there is an illness or problem in the system most of the time this doctor cures us but when this doctor itself becomes ill then we required artificial intervention. By introducing our nature based natural dietary supplements, the immune doctor gets healed without any chemically synthesized artificial intervention. Every product of Elinor Organics is organically grown in the abode of the mighty Himalayas, handcrafted and blended using 150 years old traditional Art of Blending. From the smell of truffle mushrooms to the bitter taste of gentiana kurroo, everything has its roots in our tradition and culture.

We strongly believe pure Ayurveda is the science of healing and curing illness through whatever available in the nature, specially the medicinal mushrooms which has the power to heal any disease and if researched properly and have the tendency to fight serious health problems with accuracy and have the potential to be the part of the “Meta-Food” revolution in dietary supplements, where medicinal mushrooms, gourmet mushrooms and other functional fungi are blended with ayurvedic formulations to create and develop products thats suits the modern day lifestyle. Mushrooms are not just about fungi, medicines, food or treatments. Mushrooms are the answer of every “Why” in the human system, since the word ‘humans’ is derived from the word humus, which means living soil and the making of soil which is the necessity of our existence and biodiversity, is preserved and regenerated through the fungi kingdom. There are thousands of examples around the globe where people have cured themselves with mushrooms and other potent herbs and are living a holistic life. The time for meta-medicine in the form of dietary supplements has come and this has to be introduced deep in the roots of the lifestyle of the modern day scenario.

The lack of protection and preservation for fungi is especially worrying and troubling because fungi are major players in the ecosystem’s balance and help the forest in adaptability due to the change in climate patterns. Fungi helps in nutrient cycling and maintain the dynamics of the biosphere. In addition to their tremendous ecological benefits, fungi are utilized widely in agriculture, forestry, medicine, and many other human endeavors. We believe in results and process rather than procedures. We respect and treat food as a medicine. We believe healthy people will lead to a stronger and better Nation. It’s time we should change our views, perceptions, research and innovation. Our work is to create awareness and educate the consumers.

When you go to a store or shop and reach for that bottle of dietary supplements or pills you might wonder how well they’ll work and if they’re safe and how much time the dietary supplements will take for better results. The first thing to ask yourself is whether your body system needs them in the first place and if yes then which one you should buy. Many supplements in the form of powder, pills or liquid are available throughout. More than half of all the working class in India take one or more dietary supplements daily, mostly in the form of tablets and pills. Consumers take these supplements to make sure they get enough essential nutrients and to maintain and improve their health. But not everyone needs to take supplements.

Nowadays with a hectic lifestyle many supplements come with an instant boost in energy and relaxation of muscle tissues, this is because the supplements are chemically synthesized. It is always possible to get all of the nutrients for your body by eating a variety of healthy foods but supplements can be useful for filling in gaps in your diet especially for those who have a very hectic lifestyle or poor eating habits.

One recent study found very surprising and unexpected evidence about vitamin E. Initial research and studies recommended and suggested that men who took vitamin E supplements might have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. But this theory and research changed with much to our surprise, a large funded clinical trial done on more than 29,000 men found that taking supplements of vitamin E actually raised—not reduced—their risk of this disease.

This is the reason consumer’s must be aware of the supplements they take.

Whenever buying dietary supplements for an overall well-being please decide whether to take dietary supplements or not and if yes then which ones to take is a serious matter. Body is your temple and food is your medicine, so whenever you buy supplements please do research. We all are looking for overall wellness. The idea behind food supplements also called dietary or nutritional supplements is to deliver certain nutrients or the essential phytochemical that may not be consumed in sufficient quantities from our daily food intake. Nowadays with loads of toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides used in the growing process of plants, food will not act as a medicine completely.

From lifestyle patterns to the western world adaptability people have forgotten to treat food as a medicine. Now food is just a way to fill the stomach and overcome hunger. Many food supplements with different ingredients, prices and different modes of promotions are available in a range of doses and in different combinations with flavors. But please remember only a certain amount of each nutrient is needed for our bodies to function well. Excess in anything is not good for the body. Please note: At high doses, some substances may have adverse effects and may become harmful. For the reason of safeguarding consumer’s health, supplements are sold with an appropriate daily dose recommendation and a warning statement not to exceed that dose. Please note during pregnancy (which is the most beautiful process of life) or lactation avoid any kind of dietary supplements and be more active and inclined towards natural foods especially the fresh foods.

Supplements are not a substitute for a balanced healthy diet. A diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, adequate protein and healthy fats should normally provide all the nutrients needed for good health. If you are under medication or pregnant, please consult a doctor before you start any kind of dietary supplements.

The overall message, we wish to convey to the consumers is, always follow a healthy and a balanced diet, carefully read labels of supplements and fortified foods before buying and avoid taking multiple doses that is more than the Recommended Daily Amounts (RDAs). If in case of doubt of any-kind please seek advice from a dietitian or medical professional or a doctor before choosing a dietary supplement.

We Preserve. Protect. Aware. Regrow


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