Creating a holistic well-being among the citizens of our nation for a stronger economy.

Elinor Organics strongly believes that by improving the health of the citizens of the nation, it can directly result in economic growth. This is because there will be more active people to conduct effective activities in the workforce, if they have a holistic living, free from diseases especially the seasonal outbreaks and long term illness. We have conducted multiple public research at different rural locations and we have keenly observed and understood that health issues are a major global challenge and this applies to all nations. Nearly more than 90% of respondents whom we have contacted and observed directly believe that health problems are a major issue as every family in most cases have at least one patient in the family with cost bearing burden and the figure is increasing with time. Creating revolutionary dietary health supplements which we call meta-dietary supplements that are 100% natural and are result oriented can easily and quickly promote wellness and prevent disease from happening. Logically, we believe making more hospitals will not solve the health related issues and problems until the health of the citizens does not move towards a more holistic way of living life. Citizens have to look forward to an Ayurvedic way of lifestyle in order to combat the health related problems.

There are few observations and studies we have conducted and according to us there are few most important reasons we can say “Why public health matters and why our focus is more in creating a holistic well-being among the citizens of our nation”? 

Public Health is one of the most important sector which can lead for a better economy of our nation as well as to lead a stronger and firm country and this is because you become the active voice for the citizen’s of the nation who have either no voice or simply don’t know how to have a good lifestyle when it comes in choosing the right food and supplements. The food, meals and the dietary supplements we consume is our medicine which channels the whole working of the human body. In more refined words we can say the food we consume is our medicine. A good living standards and lifestyle means you have the reach and accessibility to avail good nutritious food and its byproducts in the form of dietary supplements. Health and the right nutrition is a fundamental right and as a health dietary supplement company we are ensuring that no one in Bharat is disadvantaged because of their socio-economic conditions by making our products accessible to every section of the society in the long term and keeping in mind the highest quality standards. We are trying to educate the consumers as well as influence them about the benefits of plant based dietary supplements and try our best on the improvement of the citizen’s well-being through our revolutionary meta-dietary supplements which are 100% natural and it is the responsibility of every individual to create the right awareness and must give their share in nation building via health.

Giving a gateway of wellness to the citizens is very important because we are trying to strive for the highest level of standards working day in and day out to reduce the inequality gap between the consumers and encourage equal opportunities for a holistic wellbeing including children and all ethnicity and genders. Since the hit of the pandemic, the health issues have increased dramatically around the globe. 

Many factors are to be considered as more people are leading towards major health crises. For example by 2025 India will be facing a tremendous rise in cancer including prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, heart problems, weak bones at an early age followed by breast cancer as a major concern. We as a community based company have taken these things into serious account especially when we see the rise in population and the upcoming food shortage and will become a global issue in the upcoming years if not controlled now onward. We always believe prevention is always better than cure. Introducing the right health dietary supplements in the lifestyle which are pocket saving and eco-friendly which definitely aids in a better well-being and preserving the true biodiversity ecologically through sustainable farming practices which automatically increases the farmers source of income and saving the soil fertility through organic farming and increase the GDP per capita. The more active output in the workforce, the better will be the economy. We believe the right food intake whether it’s the meals or dietary supplements with proper knowledge is always better for effective results. Citizens can spend a more active period of their life with the community in a more holistic manner if their health is in control. Please note, for any given society, the foundational quality of democratic health is the preventive and precautionary nature. Prevention is always far more effective and far less expensive when it comes to serious health issues like long term illness and diseases. Right food and correct dietary supplement and a disciplined lifestyle can help in overcoming many health conditions both mentally and physically as proven by many Ayurvedic and non Ayurvedic practitioners around the globe.

Through our random visits to many public places and after having a detailed interaction with many people of both rural and urban areas, we were shocked and restless to see that the diseases and health problems are killing the public both economically as well ecologically at a mass level with a much faster speed and the environment is paying the silent price for it without getting noticed. For example, Taxus baccata which is also known as thuner in the Himalayan regions contains a very important phytochemical known as “Taxol” which is used in the cancer treatment is now being over exploited and is in the endangered list according to the IUCN. Same goes with many mushroom or fungi kingdoms which are now either on the endangered list or critically endangered. There are a hundred more examples. As we see the current scenario and situation we are almost unprepared for the immeasurable challenges when it comes to the health sector.

Slowly, we are moving towards a silent disaster and the upcoming generation will have to pay the price if the situation is not controlled in the next 7 to 10 years from now. While Bharat proceeds towards faster economic growth, citizen’s health is our major focus and priority. Cancer, tuberculosis, strokes, arthritis, anxiety, depression, sugar malaria, heart disease, lung diseases and many more take a huge contribution both in loss of precious life, lowering the economy by reducing the workforce. The more healthy citizens of our nation, the more effective and energetic workforce, the better will be the GDP per capita of the citizens.

Another aspect of good health and well-being is, it reduces poverty and helps to achieve a sustainable lifestyle and give shoulder to nation development. Good health gives people the power and confidence to reach their full potential, children to be more sharp and will be able to learn better and the workforce to be more productive and full of energy and enthusiasm. When the citizen’s of any nation are healthy, it signifies country progress and sustained growth. Good health is very important for the stability of entire communities as well as societies and regions especially belonging to the weaker section. As the health supplement industries flourish while reaching the maximum consumers, this benefit has not been shared evenly within and among every citizen of our nation. As closely observed in so many years of our journey to the rural areas especially the mountainous regions and interacting with our country citizens, lac of people continue to go without basic health nutrition and supplements leading to the malnutrition problems particularly to women who are pregnant or have more than two kids. Children also face the same challenges of health with no proper supplements and hygiene. It’s very sad and disheartening that more than six million children due to lack of nutritional supplements die each year and approximately 300,000 women die during pregnancy or during the childbirth process around the globe. This figure continues to rise particularly after the fit of the pandemic which is leading all the nations around the globe to food shortage crisis which indirectly leading to certain health implications. Today, if anyone can closely observe, especially in the rural areas, we can see a baby girl is being born. She is being born to a mother who is undernourished. We were shocked and sad to see the mother herself is very young or facing big malnutrition issues, sadly. Other factors like depression, anxiety, hypertension, low in energy and many more health issues are leading the new generations stunted in height and low in weight.

The ability to learn and grasp power will be very short and low and when the child is ready to take the world of their own they are more susceptible to infectious diseases leading to the downfall in the work-force which automatically affects the economy of any given nation. When we see a big picture which comes later in life, the youth of that nation will be very much likely to suffer from diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, low in energy, seasonal outbreaks and diet-related cancer due to heavy use of chemicals poured into the food plants and that’s too because of the increase in demand and to maintain the supply chain and that’s too because of the rise in population. Throughout life, due to poor nutritional values, malnutrition and health related issues, the generation continues the cycle of poverty and low health problems are carried out from one generation to the other generation and putting more financial pressure.

For Elinor Organics the health of the citizens of India has always been a top priority. Through our engagement and involvement at the ground roots level with the farmers, we are trying our level best to provide 100% organic produce which automatically gives farmers a more stable source of income with a better lifestyle and health while preserving the biodiversity of the soil. Our efforts are to address and find solutions to the immediate health challenges our nation is facing while building the capacity necessary to sustain and achieve long-term results. Working very closely with the farmers we are trying our level best to strengthen health systems in the form of dietary supplements to ensure that a good health-rights must and should reach the most vulnerable and the hardest places and communities especially women and children and making the workforce of Bharat disease free and giving them a sustainable life both health and economy wise.

The food security especially after the hit of the pandemic and climate crisis as well as the nutrition status of any child reveals much about his/her history and tells us much about her/his ahead course through life, and this repute is determined in large by the health and nutrition status of his/her mother, and the health and wellness status of the mother of any given society is determined by the status of women in society and their educational background as well as awareness among females. Before we close down our pen, we just wish to give a message that if we want to avail a holistic living, we must improve the status of women, especially of the rural section of our given society.

Through the right approach and correct information and proper awareness, we must focus on three categories while providing proper dietary supplements. The first category belongs to the women who are either pregnant or on breast feeding. Children up to 5 to 10 years and youngsters especially girls who can lead the nation towards sustainability. Once we provide holistic wellness through proper dietary supplement we will build a foundation for a nation which is much more sustainable in achieving a better economy through a more active workforce, full of energy and preparing the new generation to go disease free.

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