A Note from the Blender.

Today due to fast modernization and social lifestyle patterns, smoking nicotine related products are taking its roots deep in the societies leading generations towards a more habitual pattern resulting in major health concerns and problems like nicotine cravings, addiction as well as smoke full of heavy toxins end results leads to various types of cancers, fastening the ageing in the developed countries and making its way to the developing nations and choking the entire ecosystem both economy and ecology and threatening the biodiversity survival. Observing these challenges with the trends while focusing on environment and health, the need of herbal blends in the smoker communities in focus is the call of breaking the addiction chain and securing the upcoming generations and the environment as well as the ecosystem. We have come up with the finest herbal smoke blends based on the traditional ancient system of Bharatiya medicine followed by the Ayurvedic process of intake of herbal mixes. The plants, herbs and mushrooms used in the blending of the herbal mixes, grown in the abode of the mighty Himalayas and sourced from the most ethical farmers who only focus on purity in order to retain the highest quality. All the blends are handcrafted and blended using the Traditional Art of Blending. 

Herbal smoking refers to the procedure of smoking plants, flowers and herbs, either alone or in combination. Some use herbal smoke blends as an alternative to tobacco, while others use them for their alleged therapeutic or psychoactive effects. Herbal smoke blends are made from a variety of herbs and other plant materials blended together. Herbal smoke blends are often marketed as a safer or healthier alternative to tobacco, as they do not contain nicotine, the addictive chemical found in tobacco. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicinal system of India, herbs, flowers, mushrooms are often used to promote health and treat a wide range of conditions. Some plants and herbs are used as constituents in herbal smoke blends, which may be used for their alleged therapeutic or psychoactive effects. It is very important to note that there is little scientific evidence to support the effectiveness or safety of herbal smoke blends as of now. In addition, smoking is generally not considered to be a healthy practice in Ayurveda, as it can have negative effects on respiratory and cardiovascular health if done in an un-proper way and in excess. 

Smoking is an alluring, graceful, charming, delightful and artistic sensory ceremony. From the whiff, character, tang and frame of the smoke, it is a journey towards much higher connectivity, peace and making this world addicted free and nicotine free and a much better place to live, both for us as well as for the environment. The act of smoking ritual is itself a peaceful, relaxing and pleasurable activity because of which many people are drawn to it. Throughout history, the herbal smoke blends have been used in sacred rituals and ceremonies in almost every culture in various corners of the world. With time and modernization, we have lost that connection to smoke as a sacred ceremony and replaced it with the stigmatization of chemicals, addiction and intoxication. Therefore, through the channel of our work, knowledge earned and still learning and practicing, everything that we do, we would like to inspire and bring a revolution in the way we relate to smoke in order to make the generation go addiction free and provide very precise self-sustainable and self-sufficient solutions to the world. 

The art of smoking is a very powerful tool where the herb mixes are mixed with the elements of fire and air. The element air during the process of smoking ceremony has its connection with the physical, emotions as well as intuition, as described by many healers, reishi and nomads of the mountains and also have deep significance in our classical texts specially the Ayurveda. The art of smoking gives us a direct connection with the herbal blends. It generates the magic of healing the body, mind and soul. Smoking is a very precious part of the rituals and various ceremonies performed and practiced around the globe. The art of smoking is a lovely way to connect friends or to summon people into your band of friendship. The art of smoking creates bonds. The art of smoking is a profound way to create an atmosphere of understanding yourself, calmness, to listen to your own wellness and a way to define presence. Smoking and enjoying the art of herbal blends can become a winsome and lovely part of lifestyle. Herbal smoking or dhumapana in our Ayurveda is a nice thing to get addiction free, intoxication free and overcoming the craving of nicotine. Certain herbal blends may be more flavorful, calming with different healing properties. 

Choosing the right herbal blend to support the right atmosphere is very important and key to enjoy the art of smoking to the fullest. Please remember it’s not up to us which herbal blend we will choose to smoke, it’s up to the herbal blend which suits our senses the most, that’s what I personally believe. We always find a lot of pleasure in learning the art of smoking originated from the art of blending which has its root deep into our traditional ancient system of Bharatiya medicine followed by the lifestyle of our Ayurveda. Knowledge learned and earned in the decade of the journey around every corner of the mighty Himalayas we are able to decode the true art of blending which has maximum healing properties, if done with a proper way and a self discipline model.

Blending of herbs for perfect smoke blends is a very complex and precise process that requires an in-depth understanding, research and observations of the properties and effects of different herbs, mushrooms, flowers and other potent plants available in nature. When we blend the herbal smoke mixes, our focus is on the intended use of the blend, as well as the individual characteristics of the plants, flowers, mushrooms and the herbs being used. Other important factors we always consider while blending are the taste, aroma, flavour and texture as well as their therapeutic properties and potential interactions with other herbs or medications through the traditional ancient system of Bharatiya medicine followed by the Ayurveda process and way including the lifestyle patterns. It can be helpful to start with one blend at a time with not more than 2 rolls a day, preferably early in the morning and during bed time to ensure and observe which blend works the best for you in terms of therapeutic effects. It is very important to be very cautious when using herbal blends, and to be aware that they may not be safe or effective for all individuals. Smoking is smoking and any type or kind of smoking is injurious to health and the loved ones around you and the society. For smokers who are more inclined towards nicotine and other related addiction of tobacco containing nicotine, even caffeine, the herbal smoke blend is a gateway to overcome these challenges and to go addiction free, nicotine free with no chemicals, in a limited span of time and enjoying more beautiful and active days with your loved ones and go addiction free as Elinor Organics herbal smoke blends are a perfect getaway to have all the healing and curing properties when preferred as a herbal tea for proper therapeutic effects.

Sip and Smoke works both ways very well.
We strongly believe that one small step is way more worth than a thousand steps planned ahead.

Let’s make the World free from addiction.  

We Preserve. Protect. Aware. Regrow

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