Herbal smoke blends: A gateway to make the world free from addictions and help nicotine inclined smokers to overcome nicotine craving and sustaining the ecology.

In the global call for actions and result oriented solutions which are both ecologically and economically self-sustainable and self-sufficient, aimed at individuals, societies, and communities to drive climate-friendly behaviors in sectors including water, food, electricity, waste management, recycle to reuse. Innovative solutions that promote wider adoption of traditional, climate-friendly practices and create sustainable livelihood options for communities that may lose their livelihoods because of sudden change in weather patterns and finding solutions with climate-friendly productions.

We will explain our work in our own systematic pattern. This is because every solution we offer is interconnected to each other. In order to focus and aim towards a self-sufficient and self-sustainability solution, keeping in mind the climate pandemics as the core challenge while providing a sustainable source of income to the communities involved in the nicotine related crop farming. Starting from making the world go addiction free, empowering the smokers to overcome the nicotine craving from the use of nicotine cigarettes and its related by-products and also to fighting the global health pandemics like cancer, mental health related disorder to infertility problems.

We always believe that the healthier the citizens of our nation, the better will be the workforce which will lead to generate and contribute to a better economy and more years of holistic wellness. Our research, observations and work are entirely based on the effects of the climate crisis, the change in weather patterns and its effects both on the economy and ecology and ways to find result-oriented solutions in a limited span of time focusing more on improving the health of the citizens.  Sustainable and result oriented solutions are researched, discussed, and focused on the call for innovations, ideas, and initiative by the government for one earth, one family and one future.

Overcoming the harms and threats of nicotine and its by-products like nicotine cigarettes, leading the nation’s citizens and the world’s new generations into the zone of addiction, and creating a serious threat to our environment through the nicotine-based left-overs like buds and the release of harmful toxic chemicals. The tobacco industry contributes to serious health implications like cancer, lung disease, anxiety related health issues and mental disorders. So, a very self-sufficient and self-sustainable solution which safeguard the communities and societies farewell for generations to come is the key focus of our work, as a community-based company.

Nicotine based by-products are now a threat to mankind as well as to nature, due to the rise in demand of the tobacco industry. Climate change with other industrialized factors has already put lives and livelihoods off the tribal communities around the world on the merge of shrinkification. Many initiatives have been taken but provided no concrete results. Farmers who are involved in the farming practices of nicotine-based crop cultivation as a main mode of livelihood for a better identification of self, in the societies are already facing the challenge of survival. From growing to harvesting and drying the lucrative crops have already become unviable. Let us give you an example, with the increased demand for tobacco and its related products, commercialized agricultural production and related farming are contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, soil losing its fertility due to the use of certain types of chemicals protecting it from seasonal parasites outbreaks to deforestation as more land is required to fulfill the rising demand of tobacco in the global market but also decreasing the production and supply chain dramatically, due to shifts in climate patterns. An opportunity for mankind.

Let us give you an explanation, focusing on the major impacts and the way we all can overcome these challenges. The negative and irreversible impacts both on the economy and ecology caused  by tobacco cultivation and its manufacturing from the start to the end consumer,  leaving the water, oceans, lakes, rivers, sidewalks, public places, biodiversity areas, forest and even homelands polluted converting everything into a zone of irreversible end products which will later paid by the generations to come in the form of natural resources extinction especially the soil and water turning everything into desertification and polluting our ecosystem. And the foremost challenge is the health crisis happening to the young generations after consuming the nicotine related tobacco, for example addiction, lung diseases etc.

Post-consumer waste like cigarette buds and toxic third hand smoke materials pollute the environment, including toxic residues lingering in the environment. Tobacco curing is one of the major reasons for deforestation as woods are required to cure the tobacco leaves. Paper used in cigarettes also contributes to deforestation. Cigarettes pollute our air, as air quality testing has shown in major countries and cities such as London and Los Angeles. From start to finish, the tobacco life cycle is an overwhelmingly polluting and damaging process. According to WHO, tobacco consumption is a leading cause of cancer and many nations are feeling every pinch and facing the health crisis in some way around. The rate at which the new generation is attracted towards tobacco consumption is a serious matter and is now a global emergency for the world.

While a huge section of employment and economy depends on the tobacco industry, taking ecology and economy becomes a big challenge. From deforestation to mono-crop farming following the heavy use of pesticides and insecticides during the growing cycle of tobacco, we are losing the soil fertility at a very high pace. Food is the life source and food comes through soil. And with the rising demand of tobacco around the globe, people being addicted to nicotine, now it is an urgent matter of national as well as international threat to mankind and an urgent call to save humanity.

Facts about the tobacco industry.

Statistics provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the use of tobacco stated below:
Every year the tobacco industry costs the world more than 8 million human lives, 600 million trees, 200 000 hectares of land, 22 billion tonnes of water and 84 million tonnes of CO2.  Roughly, 4.5 trillion cigarette filters pollute our oceans, rivers, city sidewalks, parks, soil and beaches every year. The WHO report highlights that the industry’s carbon footprint from production, processing and transporting tobacco is equivalent to one-fifth of the CO2 produced by the commercial airline industry each year, further contributing to global warming. Tobacco products are the most littered item on the planet, containing over 7000 toxic chemicals, which leech into our environment when discarded.  Cigarette filters contain microplastics and make up the second-highest form of plastic pollution worldwide. 
The threat does not end here only. The costs of cleaning up the waste of tobacco products falls on taxpayers’ shoulders rather than the industries who are involved in creating these challenges and problems. Each year, this costs China roughly US$ 2.6 billion, India spends roughly ₹5,900 crore, the cost for Brazil and Germany comes in at over US$ 200 million every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Keeping the economy and ecology to go parallel, we have solutions to offer to our nation and to the world without compromising the ecology and economy at all. Let us introduce you to the traditional ancient system of Bharatiya medicine, incorporated in the art of blending gathered from the oldest sources of the nomadic communities of the mighty Himalayas. An ancient art, culture and tradition which has its roots deep into our Ayurveda. 

The blend of herbs, flowers, medicinal mushrooms, and potent plants are mixed to make the perfect solutions.

First, through the Traditional Ancient System of Bharatiya Medicine followed by the true art of blending, we can overcome the addiction of nicotine among the citizens, especially the youth and the upcoming generations and making the world addiction free and environmentally conscious with precise solutions.

Why is this an urgent call? 

With the change in lifestyle patterns especially in developing countries like ours, smoking has become a way to socialize both for leisure and a way to communicate among societies. In a few communities, saying no to smoking especially in women, is now considered as old age fashion and because of this young emerging generations of females including males too are more inclined towards smoking which at later stages causes serious health issues and causes much faster adolescence, creating a situation of no turning back with infertility issues as a global threat which will at later stage makes any country to be the fastest aging nation especially in developed countries where birth rates are reducing dramatically with not much hope of recovering and men facing weak with low strength in sperm counts and even obesity in few cases. Secondly, since several herbs, plants and mushrooms are used in the blending process, the practice of cultivation of these potent agricultural cash crops can be easily carried out by the tribal communities who are involved in the growing process of tobacco and can easily sustain the whole chain involving in the manufacturing to transportation to the end consumer wants and demands. This will help the tribal as well as rural communities to increase their source of income by 5x times more when compared to the other farming sources. A very precise and powerful way to save millions to billions of tons of water, soil as well as trees and fulfilling certain national and international ecological and economical initiatives like Paris Agreement, COP alike initiatives and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: The World is One Family. Third, with the change in weather patterns, biodiversity ecosystem imbalance and unprepared and unpredicted weathers excluding the heat waves around the globe are getting worse with each passing season and will continue to rise, affecting the agriculture sectors and dramatically decreasing the rapid growth of tobacco productions around the globe, affecting the tribal communities of our South Indian regions the most, and will get worse with time leaving more than 30 million people to face the food famine, loss of employment and the hope of the poor to avail a good lifestyles for generations to come will remain a dream if we didn’t worked on the sustainable solutions with self-sufficiency as the aim.

Let us offer the Nation and to the World, the Art of Blending originated from the Traditional Ancient System of Bharatiya Medicine taking its roots back in the Indian soils where it belongs, preserved and protected. A very precise and concrete solution for making the world go addiction free. With more empowerment of self with no addiction, chemical free with no additives or harsh cancer-causing toxic chemicals both in the human body as well as to the environment we all live and reside. Saving the soil fertility, no woods required for the drying and curing process like tobacco. No cut down of trees or soil degradation and emission of harmful gases. No use of pesticides or insecticides of any kind. A more economical and ecological balanced world, that’s what self-sufficiency and self-sustainability is all about to Elinor Organics under the guidance of VLD Food Products Private Limited, a company dedicated to the citizens of the nation and to the world, we as a nation dedicated company offers precise and powerful result-oriented solutions in a limited span of time.

The World is One Family. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

A time of World Healing with Hopes and Harmony.

Our Proudly Made in India and for the World herbal smoke blends. Crafted in the lap of the Almighty Himalayas.

Before we pen down, We would like to throw a fair guiding light on the pros and cons of Elinor Organics herbal smoke blends


Smoking is smoking and any type or kind of smoking is injurious to health when done in excess.


1Shifting of farmers from traditional farming to more revenue generation crop cultivation. For example, medicinal herbs, plants, and mushrooms which are climate change resistant, keeping in mind the shift in weather patterns.

2. Since several herbs, plants and mushrooms are used in the blending process, the farmers will have a back-in-hand crop production with varieties of crops to choose according to the elevation, soil, weather, and seasons.

3. A better source of income due to the high demand of the various nature-based crops. Estimated 5x increase in the source of income of our tribal community as these herbal mixes can be taken in the form of herbal teas also.

4. With the help of the art of blending, we can make our nation and then the world go addiction free, chemical free with no additives at all.

5. No soil degradation or use of any insecticides and pesticides, thus keeping the soil fertility intact through the permaculture growing process.

6. Since the herbs, plants and mushrooms are dried either in the dark room or sun dried, no woods or other medium is required in the drying and curing process like tobacco industry do thus saving millions of trees from cutting down and no more deforestation.

5. Save energy to a great extent.

6. Since no chemicals are used in the growing process the release of smoke will be free from heavy toxins causing minimum damage to the environment and improving the air quality.

7. No harm to the second-hand smoker.

8. When compared with cigarettes, the herbal smoke blends use hemp paper in the rituals thus saving trees from deforestation for rolling papers. Since the herbal smoke blend is based on the traditional ancient system of Bharatiya medicine followed by the Ayurvedic lifestyle patterns, the herbal smoke blend is a gateway to live a better addiction free life for those who are inclined towards nicotine addiction and other forms of addictions.

10. No more micro plastic pollution due to the left-over cigarette buds and saving a huge section of the economy which is used in cleaning the cigarette waste.

11. More healthy soil.

We Preserve. Protect. Aware. Regrow

Family: Elinor Organics

Under the flagship of: VLD Food Products Private Limited

Uttarakhand. India

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