Elinor Organics Slay All Day: Adaptogen Powerhouse. All in One pack.

For the past few years, our lives have been swinging between extremes. From travel and globalization intensive one to indoors and restricted one. The only thing that remained constant is the “rat race”. Now that we are slowly but surely coming out of the novel era, it is time to pause, reflect, and reorganize our priorities. It is time to establish some equilibrium. How about we tell you that this is achievable in the next 3 months?

Through our product— Slay All Day, we are introducing a long-researched blend cultivated in the laps of the great Himalayas, in the form of a dietary supplement. With an If not satisfied, will return your money with no questions asked assurance. The supplement will act as your gateway to get your “Ojas” balanced in just 3 months. Ojas is the life force that governs our immunity, vigor and happiness.

This product comes packaged using a 150-year-old traditional blending technique learned from nomadic tribes of the Himalayas. Every day, if you consume Slay All Day on an empty stomach early in the morning, we guarantee that after 3 months the body will respond to food in a specific way, telling you when it is enough by balancing the energy networks within the body. In fact, in only a month, you will begin to notice the Slay All Day magic, when every cell in your body will feel alive and thriving.

Resurrecting energy networks:

Until the transmission of energy is not smooth, our body does not respond properly. In the initial stage, access to the body’s cellular level is achieved with the exotic ingredients that are used in the manufacturing process. It speeds up the energy generated from our meals via proper transmission throughout the body. Because it facilitates a proper dispersion of energy, you will notice a significant improvement in your health within 3 months of the product’s infusion (with some discipline, of course).

Elinor Organics Slay All Day is more than just a dietary supplement. It is essential for harmonizing the human body and mind. The magical healing power of Elinor Organics Slay All Day can be enjoyed with your favorite smoothies, fresh fruits and veggie juices, and of course, can be sprinkled on microgreen salads. Drinkable and slightly lukewarm water and 1 gram will do the magic and that’s our promise.

When you become part of our family, you will:

  1. Get the satisfaction and benefits of an amazing and rare adaptogen daily, or just when you need an extra boost.
  2. Maintain natural energy levels throughout the day and say bye-bye to those afternoon crashes.
  3. Enjoy a 100% natural superfood, as well as an adaptogen powerhouse, daily!

Follow these three very simple basic steps to bring out maximum health wellness:

Step 1.

Take Slay All Day regularly for at least three months for complete detoxification.

Step 2.

Consume 1 gram every day. This is because “Elinor Organics Slay All Day ” contains some of the most powerful adaptogens and thus, the body will require time to accept it and adjust to it. After two weeks, you may increase the intake to 2 grams if you feel like it, depending on your observation of the body to respond to your cellular activity.

Pro tip: To reduce weight and extra fat and to tone up your body both from inside & outside, take 1 gram in lukewarm water, squeeze 1 lemon, add raw honey. Consume slowly. Take at least 5 minutes to drink 1 glass of  on an empty stomach. Your body is waking up from long hours of rest, so you may not want to subject it to pressure by drinking too fast.

Step 3.

Create your own recipes with the Elinor Family instead of limiting yourselves. Let your imagination, as well as taste buds, run free!

How the Elinor’s Slay All Day magic works

Based on texts found in our great Vedas and scriptures around the globe, traditional medicinal knowledge gathered from the nomadic tribes of the mighty Himalayas, as well as many years of research work by worldwide practitioners, coupled with 150 years of the art of blending, our lovely and valuable customers have shared their experiences which are as follows:

Week 1- 2:

Feel the boost in stamina.
Things are starting to move quickly, although you might not realize it’s because of Elinor Organics Slay All Day. You are noticing an increase in stamina in just 14 days with nature’s impression of purity in the form of 100% pure plant-based and mushroom-based dietary food.

Week 3 – 4:

Mental accuracy, clarity and lucidity.
You are noticing an improvement in mental clarity, reduced brain fog, and a boost in general sustained energy with no afternoon crash.

Week 5 – 6: 

Improved endurance, tolerance bearing capacity, and faster recovery time.
You are now beginning to experience, feel, and live with it. Your workouts and exercise sessions are becoming a little less strenuous. You are clearly feeling an increase in stamina and recuperation periods are shortening. You’ve never experienced such a quick recovery before.

You are feeling and experiencing yourself as a better version of yourself.

Week 6+:

Stronger Immune System.
After 6+ weeks of consuming you are noticing a significant improvement in your immune system. Elinor Organics Slay All Day, will automatically set your internal alarm clock, prompting you to wake up early. You are sleeping better and waking up feeling more refreshed. Your libido is becoming stronger. You are noticing an improved condition of your skin. The whites of your eyes are looking clearer and brighter.

In short, your “OJAS” is beginning to get balanced.

After 3 Months:

After three months  you are welcoming a new healthier and more energetic version of yourself. You are happily skipping the mid-day fog and your ideas and reasoning abilities are becoming rapid, exact, and precise. At this time, you may have automatically discontinued or drastically decreased your coffee consumption. Your immune system is substantially stronger than it was previously. You may push yourself harder and for longer periods, and your recovery times both during and after exercise are significantly shortened. You will most likely have achieved a certain level of clarity, serenity, and equilibrium of body, mind and soul.

From: Elinor Organics Family

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