We are Craftsmen not a Company

We are Craftsmen, not a Company

ELINOR herbal smoking blends is our dedicated investment in the ‘divine moments of truth and enjoyment’. Many people say that we are master blenders but we believe that anyone can make their own blends and that’s what makes us strong. We always set a target and have strong faith in our ability to create a blend that should have the perfect taste, aroma, texture and properties. Creating a perfect blend for rolling a joint or filling a pipe requires certain kinds of technical skills from the time of plucking and harvesting to formulating the blend. There is always art involved. We are more craftsmen than a company.

We are the living proof that nature can provide the tools for maintaining and living a hale and hearty life.

Our Dreams, and our Hopes

As passionate connoisseurs, we want to preserve the oldest art and culture of herbal smoking as herbal smokable flowers and herbs are the plants of Divine Origin. Our aim is to preserve the dying art of herbal smoking blends for future generations.

Our HOPE- “ELINOR” herbal smoking blends can help change the way we relate to smoke, making it a powerful healing, higher connectivity and spiritual experience.