About our Tinctures

Going back to the Roots with Dual Extraction Tinctures that have been used in traditional healing practices since thousands of years.

Elinor Organics herbal tincture series where you explore ancient remedies featuring functional mushrooms and high-altitude medicinal herbs in their most potent and efficient forms. Our goal is to provide you with efficacious solutions that harness the power of these remarkable ingredients. Through our Traditional Extraction Process, we extract the medicinal properties of these herbs and mushrooms into a tincture maximizing their bioavailability, efficacy and shelf life.


Our Traditional Extraction Process

The Elinor Organics series of herbal tinctures is created through a unique dual-extraction process that combines the slow extraction of medicinal properties into both spring water and alcohol. This meticulous method ensures the capture of a complete spectrum of beneficial compounds in the tincture. The extraction process is rooted in ancient traditions, utilizing techniques passed down through generations and facilitated by our Indigenous tribal community medicine men. Homemade, high-quality grain alcohol and spring water sourced from natural springs within indigenous forests are used in alignment with our vision of preserving and reviving ancient remedies from our Himalayan indigenous cultures.

Receiving the grace of the Moon

At Elinor Organics, we believe in the interconnectedness of the universe where nature’s elements and celestial bodies hold a profound influence over human beings. The most vibrant and luminous energies are said to flow during the full moon. Thus, an essential aspect of our process involves exposing our functional mushrooms, high-altitude flowers and rare herbs to the full moon’s radiance. We repeat this ritual during each full moon cycle ensuring that these precious gifts of nature receive the grace of the moonlight in all its splendor.