Morning Glory

Sustainable Wild Harvesting

A very important part of our art is the sustainable and respectful harvesting of certain high-altitude flowers, special herbs and functional mushrooms from remote and indigenous forests of the Himalayas. We train and employ local collectors and take pride in paying attention to every detail of this process. We collect only what we need in very small amounts, distribute our collection efforts over a large area and also rotate amongst multiple locations in order to protect species diversity and the population of every species.

Creating Self-sustaining Organic Farming Communities

We work closely with the local mountain farmers in Uttarakhand in order to create self-sustaining organic communities from whom we sustainably and ethically source authentic products. We provide indigenous seeds to these farming communities and support them through the entire process of seeding, growing, harvesting and cleaning in order to achieve the best in quality. Through our community engagement, we also play an active role in the children’s education and afforestation space as we believe that this will positively impact the livelihoods of these remote tribes and create more self-sustainability in the future.

Receiving the Grace of the Moon

Everything is connected in the universe and the different elements of nature and the heavenly bodies that surround us, have an inevitable connection with human beings. The most vibrant and luminescent energies flow at the time of the full moon.

An important facet of the entire process at Elinor organics, is keeping our functional mushrooms, high-altitude flowers and rare herbs under the full moon for a period of three nights i.e., a night before the full moon, on the night of the full moon and on the night that comes immediately after the full moon. We repeat this process on the next full moon cycle, in order to ensure that all of these gifts of nature receive the grace of the moonlight in its full glory.

Using 200-year-old Copper Vessels to Store our Herbs

The use of copper as a means to promote human health and for the purpose of purification has been mentioned in the ancient texts of Ayurveda, the oldest medical science on the planet. At Elinor organics, we proudly incorporate this method of purification by storing all of our herbs and flowers for a minimum period of two weeks in ancient copper vessels that have been preserved by our family over the generations. Keeping the herbs and flowers in copper and brass utensils enhances the flavour and the healing properties of the herbs.

Our Traditional Extraction Process

Our dual-extraction process which involves slow-extraction of the medicinal properties both into spring water and alcohol, ensures that we extract the complete spectrum of medicinal properties into the tincture. Whilst the polysaccharides are absorbed during the hot-water extraction process, the triterpenoids are extracted into the grain alcohol in a forty-day extraction cycle.

To create the ELINOR series of herbal tinctures we use a very special and elaborate dual-extraction process that employs ancient and traditional techniques only. The entire process is a ceremony that is facilitated by indigenous medicine men who use age-old rasayanas and methods that have been kept alive since Vedic times. The grain alcohol used is exquisite and homemade and the spring water that we use is collected from natural springs located inside indigenous forests. This method is in sync with ELINOR’s vision of preserving and bringing back to life the ancient remedies of indigenous cultures who are rooted deep inside the Himalayas.