A true gem of nature’s pharmacy: Mullein

Mullein also known by the name Verbascum thapsus is a plant that is originally from the Global South, Europe and certain areas of Asia, but has now become widely distributed across the world. Its prominent characteristics include tall yellow flower spikes and large velvety leaves.

Our tribal community lives in Uttarakhand, a small village nestled in the ecologically balanced and biodiversity-rich state of India. Mullein has been an integral part of our lives as we reside in the abode of the almighty Himalayas where Heaven meets Earth.

One of the most treasured cultures of our tribal community is the practice of using nature driven resources to create pure smoke for spiritual and cultural ceremonies in our Indian traditions. For thousands of years, our ancient tradition has been used to pay homage to the earth, air and water while promoting unity and a sense of community among all participants.

Fire ceremonies play a crucial role in the spiritual and cultural lives of our people in the Himalayas where participants come together to offer prayers, make offerings and focus their intention on purifying themselves and their environment. The smoke produced from burning various herbs, flowers and mushrooms have therapeutic and healing properties that promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness in our communities. The utilization of fire in religious practices and personal use highlights its powerful essence and reminds us of its capacity to both build and destroy.

The Himalayan tribes offer the world a precious gift that involves burning natural plants and mushrooms to create pure smoke as an offering to the earth, air and water and reminds us of the sacredness of nature and the importance of preserving it. This ancient tradition practiced for thousands of years promotes a sense of community and oneness among all participants, inspiring us to connect with each other and the world around us in a more meaningful way. 

Mullein has garnered the attention of researchers globally due to its potential benefits. In India, studies have delved into its respiratory health benefits and its ability to shield against heat waves which contribute to climate-related health problems particularly among young individuals who experience a surge in internal body heat. In the United States, research has explored mullein’s anti-inflammatory properties while in Europe, studies have focused on its expectorant properties. In Asia, researchers have studied mullein’s natural diuretic properties. These studies have been published in reputable scientific journals generating more interest in mullein’s potential benefits.

In 2013, a study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine examined the effects of smoking mullein cigarettes on respiratory symptoms in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a chronic lung condition that often leads to breathing difficulties and is associated with smoking.

The study involved 20 participants with moderate-to-severe COPD who smoked mullein cigarettes for four weeks as instructed. The research team evaluated several respiratory parameters including lung function tests, respiratory symptoms and patients’ quality of life both before and after the intervention. The objective was to gain insight into the potential benefits and drawbacks of using mullein cigarettes as a complementary and alternative treatment option for COPD patients.

According to the findings, smoking mullein cigarettes led to enhancements in various respiratory parameters. The lung function tests indicated an increase in the forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) which measures the amount of air a person can forcefully exhale in a second. Furthermore, there was a notable reduction in respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sputum production and shortness of breath leading to an improvement in the patient’s quality of life, as reported by the participants.

The presence of bioactive compounds such as saponins, mucilage and flavonoids in mullein has been suggested by researchers as the reason behind the beneficial effects of smoking mullein cigarettes. These compounds possess anti-inflammatory, cough-suppressant and expectorant properties.

Through our Indian cultural remedies and blending practices, we can foster sustainability through self-reliance and weave a diverse fabric of global knowledge. In light of environmental instability and growing addictions it is crucial to work together as a global family to attain global wisdom and safeguard, preserve and rejuvenate our generation’s future for a prosperous world as One Family and serves each other by serving One Earth to have a very sustainable and self-sufficient One Future, one for all, all for one. 

While mullein cigarettes may have potential as a natural remedy for respiratory ailments like COPD, it’s crucial to remember that smoking any substance can harm respiratory health. Therefore, it is imperative to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before considering this approach.

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